Nothing On You

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Nothing On You
詞曲:Bobby Ray Simmons 演唱:鄧福如(阿福)
          Fadd9                                 Am/D
Beautiful girls all over the world , I could be chasing
                                                  Em                    G6        G
But my time would be wasted , they got nothing on you , baby Nothing on you ,baby
               Fadd9                                      Am/D
They might say hi , and I might say hey But you shouldn't worry , about what they say
                           Em                    G6         G
'Cause they got nothing on you , baby Nothing on you , baby
(N-n-n-nothing on you baby , n-nothing on you)

I know you feel where I'm coming from
So baby regardless of the things in my past everything I' ve done
'Cause you and I know is was just for fun I was on the carousal I just spun around
With no direction , no intentions , it all ended
It's so much nonsense , it's on my conscience I'm thinking ' maybe I should get it out '
And I don't wanna sound redundant But I was wondering ,
if there was something that you wanna know But neve r mind that , we should let it go
                                                 G6                                    G
Cause we don't wanna be a TV episode And all the bad thoughts , just let'em go , go , go

Fmaj7                     Am/D                    Em
Beautiful girl I could be chase (They got nothing you)
                                      G6  G
They got nothing on you OH~nothing on you

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